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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  November 1, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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?? >> breaking news a passenger bua hit a schoolbus collide inn baltimore. at least three people confirmedd we'll have live report. one week to g seven days from election day ana the presidential race still toot close to call. c new polls show donald trumpmp gaining ground on hillary hlary clinton.clto but he still faces uphill battle.le we'll tell you why.'ll tell you plus the f whybi fast tracking n investigation into the latest lt e-mail scam. cemetery security as ofy as today visitors to one of the the most hallowed burial sites initn
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>> excited to be back home.kom in front of our fans. >> later it's game six. six cubs trying to end the curse in enemy territory.. we'll have a preview of tonight's win or go home world o series game and shows you howouh players on both teams areeams ae keeping calm.epin calm. good day at 9a starts now. ?? we're hoping for good dayhor today. a lot going on out there. tre we'll get right to it on thisris es made it to a new month. >> unbelievable. >> 2016 still to go.ll to one more and then on to the new year. i'm steve alongside holly,, maureen and wisdom.isdo >> slow it down, stove.tove. also ahead this morning how to w avoid that post halloween guiltt trip this morning we'll show ofo some simple exercises you can dd right at home to melt off that candy that you might have snuckc in over the holiday weekend. >> first though at 9:00 a typical november tuesday on tapa
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temperatures could push the 80-degree mark again this week.. details tucker barnes back withw a first check of the heuc tuck. >> the key on that was november, right? >> here we go. >> here we go.>> hwe g an up and down. and down.n. >> we'll be talking turkeys andu then christmas in like threethre days.. >> um-hmm. exactly. >> all right.. yeah, in fact, maybe an 80 latee this week.isk. not today.not day today will be cool one, 52 nownn in washington. washington. that's your 9am update. that little puff ball that's at' cloud and we do have mostly this morning. you know what, i think we'll gek a little sunshine this afternoon but it's not going to be aoe a bright and sunny day. day. we'll have some clouds around ad kind of on and off here as we've got warmer air just off to ourur south and west that will try tot get in here later today.ay so plan accordingly you'll want a jacket when you run out.un out dry afternoon, daytime highs in the low 60s. all right. i'm going to showal you this map again. let's talk about tuesday and wednesday with highs expected to be in the upper 70s if we canan hit 80 on thursday that's goingg
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1974.1974 we do have a couple warm days tt look forward to here as we get g into the first couple days of november. okay. okay >> i'll toss it back over tot b you. tried to that all over again ina a little bit. >> we'll see you then tuck.n tuc >> meantime want to get to our o top story this morning.orning we're following breaking newsg s from baltimore this morning.. confirmed six people killed in n this crash after two busesuses collided earlier this allll right. these live images coming frommio showing the aftermath of the the impact of that accident.cct. fox5's melanie alnwick joins usu live with more on what happene mel? >> reporter: good morning, morng guys. guys i can tell that you baltimoreale police commissioner kevin davisv just arrived here on the scene,, and took a little walk down toot the main area of the collision.n but right here is another possible scene.le scene. i want to you see maybe wherebee this began we're here at frederick just before monastery.tery you see the orange markings marg there then folia run the r t cemetery wall where it look lk likes something else hit thereie and then there it is. that gray mustang where the bacc
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that is within these police pi tapes so it does appear that itt may be connected to that scene s and further down the road theree it's kind of hard to see we're e trying to thread the needle between the police cars and a meter ya crews staging here forr the press conference which willw begin momentarily.gin mom you can see the flashing lightss down there and the schoolbus. now, baltimore city schools andd baltimore police did confirm this baltimore city schoolbusus but no school children weree aboard this happened about 6:464 in the morning.. in baltimore city is 7:45.5. so this bus may perhaps havee been going out to pick up schooh children but didn't have any ono the bus just yet. baltimore city schoolyoo spokesperson would not give anye on the information about whether it was just a driver or whethere there were any other people one that bus. but they said no schoo children. host, we know that there werew h people on thatere mta bus as yu said at least six confirmed there were also multiple peoplee
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levels of priority transportpo here.. they did basically bring in the mass watch tee incident teams to deal with all the patients andad the injury. it iyou look at that video, looks like that mta bus literally was opened up like a k tin can.. the contents spilling out allutl over frederick road.d. police even telling us early ono as we arrived to the scenehe sne please be very careful, beul, be sensitive with what you showth because there were peopleeople drapped. there were bodies there on thent scene that the to yet. it is going to be quite somequem time here before this majoraj thorofare is opened and then off course the investigation willonw begin into exactly whatly wha ppeneded. what does this gray mustang havv to do with this very serious and fatal collision here inll baltimore city? that is thet is latest here and of course we'ree standing by right there.there that's where that presshere tt s conference is going to be justbs moments from now and when itom n happens, we of course will bring you whatever information we geti from it. back to you guys. >> all right, mel, thank you off
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in that accident in southt in s baltimore. more details as they become as m available.avaible in other news this morning theme other big story election day noy one week away and the surprisess they just keep there's talk of a potential constitutional crisis and the discovery of new clinton insider e-mails put president obama in a pretty tough spot as he heads oh to the campaign trail again today.y. fox's doug luzader has the story. >> reporter: president obama has pretty aggressive campaignag schedule in the days ahead but he's trying to strike a balance successor while trying not to t undermine a renewed fbi investigation into her e-mail controversy.ntrovers some light moments on hillaryn r clinton's campaign plane lastas night as aids celebratedebted halloween. but there are scary days ahead d for both clinton and donald donl trump. and for trump it's still uphillh battle involving three states.s. >> he needs in order, ohio ando north carolina to come his way.. that definitely puts him in thet game. losing any of those three andsee it's a long
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take look at president obama's campaign schedule this week. florida, ohio and north carolina. hoping to block trump. >> there is no case here. >> reporter: don't expect thet t president to join the democratii pile on of fbi director gemss comey who notified congress thed fbi uncovered a new trophy of to clinton insider e-mails. >> the president believes thatnt director comey is a man off integrity, he's a man of principles, and he's a man ofs f good character.odharacter >> reporter: trump arguesues prosecuted over her classified e-mails. >> her election would meyer ourr government and our country in a constitutional crisis that we cannot afford. afford. >> reporter: in truth aboutrubo the only legal option republican boss have at that point would bb impeachment. democrats meantime suggest thegt fbi is investigating formerr trump campaign manager paul man forward for his alleged ties to
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and more drama surroundingundi democratic party chair donna with more evidence that whilet i serving as a cnn contributortrir during the primary, she actually fed debate questions to the t clinton campaign to help edge out rival bernie cnn has now cut ties with her. r still the clinton campaign is pretty confident in these finale days. in fact the new york post this i morning is reporting theting campaign has already booked a celebratory firework show in nee in washington, doug luzader, fof news. meanwhile here today the t e d.c. council will take its firsf vote on a so-call right to diedi bill. bill. it gives terminally ill patientt who are deemed mentally capableb the option to get medication tot help them die. d doctor has to certify theti t patient has fewer than six thani months to live. new poll shows 67% of dc residents support medical aid id dying which is already legal inn five other states. othtates. also today changes here in n the dc area new securityecury
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national cemetery.eter new measures are meant to endo n hasn'ted current effortsismoris improve visitor safety.. fox5's bob barnard is live inlin arlington right now with thewith very latest on that story.. bob? >> reporter: hey, wisdom. wisdo yeah this is something you'll yu see phased in over the nextthe couple of weeks.coupf we we're just inside arlingtonrlin national cemetery you can see s some folks are heading out to o the too many of the unknownnown soldiers to the kennedy kne gravesite and if we pan off to f the left here, this is the the welcome center and basicallyasal starting over the next couple of weeks, any who comes to the t te cemetery unlike in the pasthe p where you the property, sort of like goini smithsonian museum you'll haveoe to go into the welcome center,r, pass through metal detectors and then come out the door like thit to head out into the cemetery. r and if you look over here on tht left, you'll see there's some oe these little bicycle barricade gates. gates. they're going to put these upin and so people who walkg in froo the street are going to walk ini and have to go through thethrohh building. they can't just kind of turn th corner and come here.e you can leave out this way.. but these racks will be up anded acting as some security forit
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the nation's most sacred shrinen and in the wake of a shooting ii tennessee last summer, in themee summer of 2015, in which fivechv people were killed at a military recruitly center u.s. army has started beefing up security everywhere and the us army is ii charge of the cemetery has given arlington cemetery folks until t now to get the security measuree in place and basically anybody y who comes in here whether you yu drive or you walk on to the tohe property, you're going to be screened and here's what so the visitors this morning had th say about that. >> i don't have problem doingobg that. i mean i think it's just day ana time we live in. >> i guess it's the times now.ow that's the way things you just deal with it and goodoo with it and accept it and so yo know you're safe.afe. >> i really wouldn't like to do it, but like she said, it is the times and you have to do whatavo you have to do. d d i mean, this is a place of honor and respect and, you know, it's' a shame people can't just dot that..
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what we have to do.. >> reporter: and so now there te are only three places you canyoc enter arlington national nna cemetery.ceme on foot. they are here along memorialem avenue. the ord and wiser gate which iswhich over by the marine corps memorial and old post chapel gate within fort meyer how youhw get into arlington cemetery from mortifier, guys.s. basically, limited acces points. new security screening. basically keep visitors,isit employees and families funeral services and burial services here safe again in thee wake of that shooting at a military facility in chat chattanooga, tennessee a year ya ago. guys. >> why did it take so long bobt for them to put these security measures in place if theta shotput es in ting was more thay ago?o? >> reporter: basically, the t army required every other placer to do it right away. basically, they gave the arlington national cemeteryet folks a little more time becausa it's a big area with a lot of of entry points and they don't want
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so the cemetery officials areiae telling me this morning they've' been given more time. they may even wait until after veterans day, 10, 11 days from f now, in order to start this thi here. so the army is jheust kind of be a little more giving with theitt folks here at arlington national cemetery in terms of the plans and the procedures that they'lle put in place here.e. >> understandable.stanble. than, bob.b. >> all right. 9:12 is the time g girls vote. amazon oh out with new series that tackles j feminism set in the 1960s.960s inspired by the real eleanoran holmes we'll chat with her coming up.m. >> first new 911 tapes out from deadly nightclub shooting iningn orlando, in why you should take your kidsurd smart phones out of the bedroomo even if they're not being used. and a pool party crasher yoush y just have to see to believe. bee we have a check of what else isi making headlines neck.
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?? quarter past 9:00 on thison tuesday morning.. allison is back with a check ofk the on the stories making ming headlines this morning.nes thisg hey, al.hey,l. >> good morning, everyone. first up we're hearing the 911 calls made by the man who w carried out that horrificrific nightclub massacre in orlando,, florida.ida.
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pulls back in june leaving 499 people dead. dd. 68 others injured. nearly 30 minutes of audio from mateen's 911 calls were rowow leased yesterday. next up, open enrollment for the affordable care act or obamo care as it's known begins today with higher prices and fewernd r options.optis some experts predict more thanen 1 million people will have too pick new insurance carriers because their current insurer ii exiting the exchanges. excng last week the administrationisat announced obama care premiums pm enroll many period runs from today through january 31st.. today attorneys will maketo their closing arguments in the e defamation trial against theinst rolling stone magazine it's ovei the magazine's botched story about a gang rape at therapet university of virginia. uva administrator nicole, seeking $7.5 million from thehe magazine over its portrayal off her in the 2014 story called a rape on campus.pu
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woman identified as only jackie. letting kids have smarte s phone or a tablet in their bedroom could wreak havoc on hoc their sleep. new study find having electronii gadget in the room leaves kids switched on.sw researchers say kids ares are restless because they anticipatt the getting text massages andesd social media messages from theio friends. they recommend putting the phone down 90 minutes before bedtime.e and finally, a couple romantic night in the pool -- sorry, gets interrupted by an unexpected guest in the pool.hep the man's reaction is primerime example of what not to do watchw as a crocodile slowly creepslowl into the swimming pool.mmingool. this happened in zimbabwe as its as soon as the man sees theeeshe crocodile he goes ahh and he's ' out of there. the wait a minute.inute. forgetting about the lady in the pool. po she ends up fighting off the he has a second thought about at it. it. ut-oh, she's still in there. the
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what's in that pool? po >> he's out.e's >> she tries to swim away film a she's swimming away.. >> okay. >> but then he comes bac around. >> oh, wait. bout yot about y >> do you see how quickly thatht crocodile like went over. >> that's its environment. >> what did he say afterwards? he was probablyd he l sike hey,r you okay. oy >> we almost had a tragedy. >> i don't know, al. if you look at it, it lookeded like they're both sitting on tht edge like get out and his response was to go that way. he just went around the pool. >> steve -- steve,. sve >> get out, get out. she's already >> i'm not diving back into than pool. pool. >> he's coming back aroundk nd again. ag >> no way. he bolted. bol left her in the pool. and today i'm sure they'ree thee broken up. >> i think -- i totally diss dis grow with that.ith at >> they have one heck of a store to tell. >> oh my god get out. >> separately.>> separ >> exactly. >> fight or fright. frigh >> that's what it is.
9:19 am
of the pool first. >> right, mark? wherever youree are. [ laughter ] >> i believe thomas would have done the same. ve t >> i think you're right. t i want to believe thathi. >> all right.>> all right. they're both okay, though,, they're all right.'r >> that's got news. >> to be honest were eal>> t thy dating or could they have justaj been friends situation. sitti >> wisdom really? wisdo >> i'm trying get to the bottom. >> it's nighttime they'reme t scantily clad in bathing suitsni and in the pool. poo >> maybe it wasn't his wife andd somebody left the gate open forf the crock to come in.the cr >> that's what i'm talking about ri >> you don't know,e. al. a >> you guys are good storyor tellers. >> 9:19.>> 99. coming up win or go home for tht chicago cubs. >> you should be excited this is your team.m >> cold as all all here. >> your whole surrounded this. t >> we have to pace ourselves.urv it's been a long time coming. cm >> she has cubs blew on. on. >> exactly.>>xact game six of the world series wor gets under way. you how the two teams two are getting ready for this epicc matchup next. next
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how can she convince the kids.s. sarah fraser will join us withnt the details.e tai a new edition of love and orderr
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??? all right. we're back at 9:22. looking lweiv're now at a horrii bus accident in south baltimore. schoolbus colliding with an mtaa bus there in the baltimore areae
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we are waiting on pressnre conference out by the baltimoree police commissioner to update uu on what the situation is here. we understand that the bus was not carrying the schoolbus wasos not carrying any children at thi time. ti but as far as who exactly wasact part of the fatalities who was o injured we're not quite sure ofo there's also another carer involved that melanie alnwick ik on the scene told us about.bout we'll get it was a gray mustang as you seu there on the top right corner hc had press conference about tonft get underway now.undeay now again the baltimore police >> good morning.d morning i'm going to turn it over tover commissioner davis and chiefhief ford here. he. with us just for everyone's information commissioner kevinin davis chief now ford of the the baltimore city fire department.n paul shepherd who's the spokesperson for the mta.ta. i'm chief tj smith the director -- chief mediaef me relations for the baltimore police depth.
9:24 am
commissioner davis. kay.kay. good morning. morng the chief tj smith is going to g go over the details as we know them right now there's stillre's very this is a crash investigation. we have every resource availabll to the police department and the fire department out her assisting us in this crash csh investigation.. several people were killed thist morning when these two b collided.ided. our thoughts and prayers go out to theo victims, their familiesl their co-workers, their loved ones.. obviously, folks who were on aee bus this time of the morning are working folks.gks and they're on their way to makm a living. they're oy and that wear to the job and they're on think wear tr support the their families. so our hearts and prayers go out to them, to their families, toie their co-workers as well.el this is a complicated crashra
9:25 am
resources to get to the bottomtm of what happened. chief smith will have somewiave preliminary information aboutono what we know right now. now but we'll be out here for while today, and throughout the day id think it's just important toorta keep the families in mind andind the folks who lost their lives. >> chief?ef >> also want to keep in mind, um, the hard work that the responder doctors in very toughh circumstances. they did an outstanding job. j this was -- think was incident. incident some of which that some seasonee individuals in my organizationrn said they haven't seen this typt of wreck in their career. >> i'll go over the details ases we know them. them. understanding that a lot of this can absolutely change as we gose through the morning.orni it was about 7:00 o'clock thisoc morning when we got call for a crash here in the 3800 block of frederick avenue. a what we know at this point isoit that a yellow schoolbus was w
9:26 am
which is right here hyped mee he where we're standing.. it struck this vehicle that's t' right behind me a mustang. m once the yellow schoolbus strucc the mustang it continued eastbound then struck the pillal at the loudoun park cemetery. the pillar has some damage to it as you can see. see the bus struck that pillar andnd then continued eastbound where it went into oncoming traffic and struck an mta bus on its drivers side and basically bic off of the vehicle. veh it literally looks like a bomb exploded in the bus and catastrophic damage. dam we know that there are fiveiv fatalities on the mta bus. and that number can change. chag we have not yet searched the vehicle. vehicle. but what we know at this point that there are five fatalitie on the mta bus. the other fatality was on the yellow bus. bus there were two occupants on the
9:27 am
approximately 13 people on the mta bus. bus eight people who have been transported from the mta busus with varying degrees of injuries. those injuries are from minor to critical. we also have one individual whow was transported to the hospitali from the yellow bus.. and of course an individual whow because transported from thisrot vehicle right behind me the mustang. 10 people transported boy thetet baltimore fire dem to various hospitals with varyin of injuries. iur we can't speculate on the cause of this crash at this point. poi we have assistance from all of our investigative units onni o scene. sc just to clear up any rumors, i , understand there were in rumors circulating about this being aei crime scene. it is not a crime scene.e sce it's a crash investigationga scene. sc we have our detectives from the homicide unit here becauseau they're used to dealing withal w death investigations, and we have a mass casualty incident
9:28 am
so we asked for additionalitio assistance to come out.ut so this is not a crime it's a crash at this point, our investigatioa is going to continue. ctinu it is a pretty horrick scene.cks i've been on a number of crashfc scenes throughout my career and one of the questions innablely b comes up how long the road will be shut down. again people have to go around this for their minorin inconvenience while we due our o due diligence for the families l of the victim tragic situation that occurred out here this morning.. so with that being said, we cann take couple of questions. >> what's the -- of the bus wass it contracted with the city orio going to a private school in tht city? >> i don't know the exact answee to that. tha but it was going to pick up up young person about four or fiver blocks away.blocksy >> so there were no children one the schoolbus.. we do not at this time have thee
9:29 am
mta bus. b >> you said two people were onln board the bus.arthe b the driver and the aid were onen the yellow >> was the driver killed in thet yellow bus. yell >> the driver was kill on theowo yellow busn . >> fire chief, can you justou jt describe for us your firefighters rescue persnnelel went into that bus, can youou describe the,, what they wentt w through the mechanics of tryingn to save people's lives? >> in order to get into the t first -- let's talk about the t schoolbus in order for them toid get into the schoo literal hal to cut out seats.ea they initially went in the fronf compartment where people normally go in the schoolbus and they found themselves going in partly in the back trying to cut their way up to the driver and d the patient that was in there a that time. that the mta bus is -- they're stilli working they are way the problem is just as stated before this was a significant,ca
9:30 am
so there are still portions ofsf the bus that our people have non been able to fully access. >> do you still have victims vti inside the buses. >> this is -- i sent out a media advisory earlier asking theing media to be mindful of fact fact that we have 6doas on the scenes people taking pictures, peopleel who are filming. we saw private photographers out there. th that's not appropriate to postos consider if this was one of yr buses. so that's nbuot appropriate.. >> john?>> >> is there any indication thisn vehicle here,ing. herin >> the press conference is confc happening right now they an add lot of questions it seems like they are going to goi obviously we have many more questions. how did the bus hit that tt vehicle? what were you going on >> was eight question of speedht to strike a vehicle, q a pillarr and have that much momentum to cause that much damage to theag mta bus. b. six fatalities five on the mta bus, one the bus driver of thata yellow
9:31 am
on its way to pick up a childld just a few blocks away. >> 10 additional peopletion peo transported to area hospitals with varying range of injuries and they are indicating thereren that it's going to take some som time obviously for them tom continue this crashrash investigation and so for peoplee that need to drive in and arounn that area, they need to expectxp delays for good part of the day. >> all right weevil take shorthi break. back with more of good day dcc after this.hi at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do.
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at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do.
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?? is patti in, jane.> >> i haven'tis seen her. >> what's going on? >> not now. >> i think he put a hole in it.t >> could you work here if you we were pregnant? would they let t you? you? >> no. >> that is a clip from the new amazon series good a c girls revolt. the based on the true story f the equal rights in the t workplace young by young female researchers working at newsweek. one of the woman at the at t forefront of that fight is dc councilwoman eleanor holmesol norton. had was represented the nation'' capitol has rather since 199199 but back in 1969, holmes nortonr was working for the americanmeri civil liberties union and she represented 60 women who filed n claim with the equal employmentn opportunity commission.ommissio. norton major character in thatct
9:35 am
see it is uncanny resemblanceem ghght there. this morning the couldn't womanw joins us live to talk about the show. seeing her story play out op tv and the class action lawsuitioaw that changed hit he. >> good morning to you. good >> good morning uh-uh get a chuckle. people talking about hot you were back in '69alki with your r fro.fro. [ laughter ]ughter >> yeah. you know it's still me.e. >> yes. >> yes >> it is still you.. >> but i was young and pregnantn >> oh wow. >> what a powerful story.l story i think the first thing thathi t came to my m to represent these women.epre t how did you come to be, you know, within their -- how did h they come to know you and to have you be their attorney.or >> i was pro bono they came to o see to see whether they had a case and they told me about abot themselves, these were not onlyl good girls, these were the bestt girls.s. these were if i beta cpas full f bright scholars and they werendt brought no newsweek as researchers whereas comparable m men came in as reporters. repor.
9:36 am
this is known as slam dunk. but, remember, we're talkinging about late '60s.. when no class action had been brought by women.. where most the people whoeople w brought discrimination suits were part of the lawsuit was raising the conscious of the women to understand they couldn't be fire. that was an addtanditiona tl be. if they fire them ton give themm the nerve they the mosthe m c united states. >> i read that theed women w described you aster feig when fh they first met you.they [ laughter ] >> why did they say that? tha >> woo would they think that.nka >> i try to be terrifying to republicans. i don't succeed most of the time.. but, um, i think they meant that i was so determined that, um, that, um, newsweek --k >> newsweek.>>ewsweek. major news publication.licati. >> yes. and it had a, um, a woman
9:37 am
>> the publisher of thef t washington post catherineon pth graham. >> right, right. >> and i insisted at the first f negotiation that miss graham be there. >> hmm. >> i just wanted her to know and to see who high eye was talkingg about and it's interesting totig know we became good friends after that.afte >> i would imagine the mod backc then. en here you are just this young yng attorney, so full of i dare say provado african-americananme representing these white womenom at newsweek. i would imagine just the opticst along with something hold let alone the historyisto making that came from this clasc act >> i must say it unthey havethee beened the newsweek editors whee i walked in. in i think what unnerved them notmn only was i a woman and avenueve from can american.can. awfully pregnant. >> you were pregnant.ere regn >> they didn't know quite whatdk to do. you offer the person a seat.ea so they ended up offering a me e seat and they sat on the couch.u the seat i sat on was higher wae than the couch. >> oh. >> so i was looking down on
9:38 am
everything happened to fall in line. hap joy bryant as we showed herder picture portrays you.s y what do you think of her do u t portrayal? is it accurate? iss the whole series as far as youru can tell is it accurate? >> well, joy bryant isryis magnificent. she came to see me twice before she began to play the role as an rctor. it is accurate except thatt remember, this is not a a so there is some fiction in it.t >> i read some parts right thata you took objection to, yes, yes. >> not so much objection to and of course i didn't have sign off. i would never censor everythingg they played with it a little bih what you have to do to it a mae for television.ev >> are you pleased with it. y >> i am.ou p especially for younger womenen like yourself. mtv when i see the millennialsle who wonder, well, what's next? >> right. right. >> what's next is standing upxtn for yourself g did you keep in touch with the women still?entil >> i know they've gone on to incredible i mean you mentioned these weree not just run of the mill women
9:39 am
have you kept up with them? the have they kept up with you? wit? >> i know you have. i knou hav >> some of them povich who wrote the book is the granddaughter of cherylly povich. the famed sports writer for thee washington post. p and it's her book really that produced this film. this is what made the filmil makers want to do it. want o >> it's called good girl lee l volt premiered on sunday onndayo amazon.azon. it's getting rave reviews. rie i actually saw the commercial ce this morning. mni while prepping for this.pis. so looking forward to >> let me know what you think ok it. >> i will. congresswoman, the hothe h congresswoman eleanor holmes h norton. pleasure to have you toy >> such pleasure. such pleas >> all right. .o y, over to y i think i'll take it here,i, mo. you know what if your notf yourn careful, holidays like halloweeh can be an easy time to pack on some extra pounds but in case c you pigged out on few extra e pieces of over the weekend, wke we're here to help.. really she's here to help.ohel we'll give you simple exercisess that can help you get back onk o
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how far off did we get.. >> a lot of >> good day at 9a coming right back coming back after the break.
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fios is not cable. we're wired differently. we guarantee to make switching easier. we'll show up on time. you're right on time. as promised, to install fios and set up the wi-fi that janet, jamie, jenny, jemma and jasmine need on their birthday. thank you. for all their new devices. you can't break me. you want a piece of cake? switching to fios is easier than ever. now get 100 meg internet, plus tv and phone for just $69.99 per month online. hurry, this is the final week to get our best offer ever. >> we'll be even sexier aft this work out.even halloween has come and gone that smeeason i asn is officially here. he. so this morning we'll have youau work off that extra candy, you might have snacked on bynacked o accident or on purpose.po and we'll put you on the right g track ahead of thanksgiving,ivin christmas and new year's andeard
9:43 am
head coach from orange theoryy fitness she'll show us three t easy exercises to burn off lastt night' snickers, star bursts, peanut butter cups, butter fingers.nger gummy bears. i'm just going through the list of what i aloneoing t tried. all right.ight ---- >> won't necessarily call themll easy we'll take a burpie firstpf something you could do in yourdu home and just add a little bitib more it to.t t we'll do a -- a >> burpie alone is not enough. >> you bit. full swat, burpie and mountain >> are you sane. >> yes. if you really want we can add aa jump into that. >> swat, jump back up. u down into your push up, back into your burpie and mountainoui climb. >> hop up. h up. >> how much did we just work out. >> like four snickers. lik >> i don't think we even got ang bite.te. but in about half an hour of
9:44 am
>> mix them in through the dayhe while you're cooking dinner.ner. take a break every 10 minutes oo so and throw some in.. >> let's do it again. aga >> we're going down swat, gett,t the heart rate up, jack back b into position, down upper bodyed with a push up. core with your mountain climbers. climbers. hop forward and jump up.p. >> we'll do that for 30 minutes. and then what are we going to do next? next when you think aboua burning calories and things youd elevate your heart rate and alss load your lower body.. when we load lower body you'llyu burn a little bit more. we'll do ski skater work stability as well. as well. you'll hop over. see if you can get that box offo the ground.d. >> getting ready for the olympic. >> you can get your whole famill joining in on those speed skatea lunches.nch if you want to make it more
9:45 am
side. >> how many of these do we neede to do? to >> well, these you can do -- d >> if you say half an hour i'm r asking to you leave the loft. l. >> we'll do these for 15or minutes. >> okay. >> you can take these things inn intervals.als. you're to the doing 15 minutes straight up burpies or 15 15 minutes straight up speed skaters. to circuit so you switch it up a little bit. b >> all serious if you did them t all at once is there an advancev to doing that you can do it forf inutesutes. take little break.ta >> oh yeah for sure. >> and you'll benefits. >> absolutely. abs as long as you're putting the time and work in andas you switg it up it will give that youou break recover will he time just as intense when you get back tok it again. >> one more. >> i'm afraid to ask.. exercise number three. thr >> here you can do this with aih couch or a chair at your house. elevate 1 foot on to a chair aha stool a couch. cou. coming down into a lunch.. going down into the lunch andnc driving back up. again, really getting into thatt
9:46 am
working core and stability.lity. you're up on 1 foot -- i don't-n know if we should do this on on this bench. you can ad add hop in this onehs as welcoming off the floor. flo >> did you sign the waiver. >> i did. >> we can do it. we n >> youdo're right.ig keep your foot down.our fo dow >> it's a little wobbly.. >> we try to challenge yourselfl >> perfect to do that. per i got your bench.ench >> one thing people don't't realize about halloween candy in particular because just comes ii those cute little bite size so how a lot, right. rht >> if you're looking at like serving of star bursts alone, it's over 160 calories i believe so -- that's where the music m could have went errr. >> it's fin for halloween butfoe now we'ren getting into hov ino november at our studio, no sugar november. no clean out our system going into the holidays and it's great way to commit to something and thent we break it on thanksgiving. >> there you go.heo.
9:47 am
little bite size snicker while i do the exerciseswh i still won'n break >> you might. .uresthe burpies >> okay, with the burpies. bpi all right. >> ooh, that's tough. burpies, snickers, it's so hard. listen, orange theory fitness is a great place for you to get in shape, stay in shape, challengel yourself whatever you needyo n there's all the information youu need to know from their website to their facebook page or checke them out on twitter as well.sel thank you. >> university and inspired >> good. to sit back on the couch.k on t. back over to you guys. minutes, not 30.nutes,ot >> i can do three, steve. evening you're into into that. t >> steve is over here eatingg calories.. [ laughter ] >> they're fat free.. >> okay.>> okay it is 9:47. 9 in the words of the greatre philosopher, kanye west, i'm not saying she's a gold digger but t apparently one guy's kids are.. coming up next sarah fraser hasr the latest edition of love and order an gavel in hand alongd ag with some advice for women w
9:48 am
ce''s grown children. yeah. we love low prices. no bones about it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices.
9:49 am
9:50 am
this price is so low. trying to make me eat my greens? no, just trying to ve you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices.
9:51 am
?? here you go, judge. >> oh. thehere you go. my favorite part of the week.ofw >> it's tuesday. time for love and order. need a little help with the prompter. sarah is here.rah ise. >> forget it. sarah join us to tell us about scenarios and we'll vote themhe and see how we rule. >> this one i'm at a loss. loss. a woman wrote into us.nto she's getting married to guyo she's thrown for three years they've been dating.e beenat this is second marriages forages both. the guy has three kids all ofidl them are not wild about the twot of them getting soon to be husband does havesav sooneyoney. and the oldest sop is is particularly angry about this. i even confronted her were you wey boeing a gold bigger her own license finances are like. lik even though her soon to be husband has her back is thereist any way to convince the kids kis she's not after his money. mone. is this situation going to getto any better or --tt o >> are the adult kids talking tg the dad about this? that's thes one they need to talk to.alk not the woman. wan >> it sounds like they all hadlh
9:52 am
leave the dad alone.dne it's his decision.ion. >> it's his decision and i thint for her the only thing she can n do is just prove herself over time when people doubt you fromf the get go and you know you'reou right you just prove yourself yl over time. >> that sounds good in theory.. give her a if you want to convince them.e t here's a prenup. pre i'll sign it. i' if it's all -- if it's that biga of a deal to you and your familm give me the prenup i'll sign iti >> it's not about the money.out. >> i think that's fair. i tt' because it's her bringing up prenup.up. >> that's another good advice. v >> there you go. >> don't you think -- i guess mm other question about this i feef like it's been going on for three years.ea yikes! would this be a dealbe aa brr ker for you. doesn't it seem like it's goingg to be a lot.toe a lo >> if she loves the man i agreer with you totally do the prenup.e move on. >> if she doesn't really wantlla the money she shouldn't have a a problem. >> we all like that one.hat one second one is about anout unemployed husband who's overly confident. so this husband has beenhusbs be
9:53 am
>> okay. okay [ laughter ] ] >> this hub has been unemployede for about year. he has a job offer. okakay. >> seems like it checks off asff loft the boxes that the couple wants. but he doesn't think he'll taket it after all. afterll isophot really sure about it.uti doesn't have great feeling abouo it and feels like if he holdsol out he'll get more money.oney >> does he have to sign as he ho contract. >> the wife is saying, i am wif isfreaking out.eaki we don't need the money yet butb we will eventually plus thes longer he's unemployed it willwi be harder to get job. >> yes. yes >> always to get a j i you have a job. >> eat getting more more and more if they don't need the moneyon he'll say i'm going to weight.go at some point you'll need the'lt money. >> would you put your to the down and make him take the y joj >> i would encourage him to takk the job.e b. >> really?>> >> strongly encourage.gly enage. >> you guys, what about like iff he's not really that into it. i. he'll be not >> yes, but -- >> sacrifice.ce >> sarah -- >> you're married.>> >> what's going to push yougog o toward that next job more. more. if he takes job and he's not hs
9:54 am
more so than being home andomead comfortable. >> maybe a year he's beene's bee unemployed. >> a year is a long time. y >> a loneag timr e.e [ laughter ] >> man. >> three years --- >> there's a live sometime i'mim accustomed to. i can't be out on the beach forr whole year.ole ye. >> honey, follow your gut. if you don't think it's the this right move.. >> what if the gut is you have no food. >> follow your gut right to theo gutter. >> if he's been full time jobe searching for year he would havv had job b what's stopping him.'s stoppin if he take this job what's wt' stopping him from looking for h the next f >> i need to find out if there's more to this. >> i think if he takes that jobb and he hates it he'll be like ie need another job asap. a >> take the job. >> wow. i guess i have been ruled out ot the this i've been thrown out. beerown >> yeah. >> don't get in a relationshipai with us. that's what that wha >> oh, my god.h,od. do we have time for one more.e. >> sure.>> >> we have one more.>> >> 30 seconds.>> 30 secon >> really really quickly.allyuik what is this? i'm getting backb in the dating game.ame.
9:55 am
when do i up tow dues this new woman to my kids. moo friends are telling me waita like a year.likeea >> no. h, nh, no. >> we've been together tworwo months. and i kind of want to know are o we all going to mix together oro not. what do you think when youthwhen introduce someone to your kids. >> how old is this >> are they an adult? >> how old are the kids. k >> little kids. >> oh.>> oh. i'd say you introduce them whene you're serious about that person. pe i mean we're talking about yount kids here? here? >> yes. >> yes. don't think young kids need toee know until you're serious aboutt having that person in your lifer and it needs to be in yourur family's live that's when you y >> a year. i feel like you got to make surr the relationship is so solid. >> if that's how long it takes.s >> what do you think wisdom?is >> i think -- there's noheo timetable on it burt again i a agree i think we're all on thel same page when you get ready too get serious you do yo otherwise you're running peopleo in and out of kids life. kfe it's a waste of time. >> confused. who is it now, mom? whoever it is now.
9:56 am
while you're signing the jobhe contract and you're good to go.. >> bring something morehing m controversial. we agreed on >> love and order.. >> it will never happen again.aa n't t worry. >> coming up, adele opening up u about her battle with postpartum depression. black friday comes earl for amazon customers and make up artist to the stores derek derek rutledge joins us live in thevet loft to show us hot fall trendsn and his dance moves.ov coffee time on good day dc. d eyeing our cool good day mugay m listen donuts mug for that perfect cupt of coffee.fe you know what to do. d head on to fox5 or facebook page to enter ournt mug contest. one lucky winner selected byteby random you only have 11am to enter.enr. it's 9:56 and one second g if a crocodile jumped into a pool -- it's 9:56 and one second g if a crocodile jumped into a pool -- >> and you didn't have a prenup. should be within reach.
9:57 am
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get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. ?? trending at 10a, beyonce' and jay-z winng at halloween. after us of course. cours hillary duff apologized for hero costume and taylor takes on epic roll.roll >> live in the loft. a list client oprah winfrey and the first hottest holiday looks you shoull be rocking this plus get ready to funny man timmy hall is here. >> what does it take to feed nba players. pl we fine out when we cook with c the wizards chef.f. t's s do it. the 10a starts right now.ow ?? serving it up hot on tuesday t morning. it's 10:00 o'clock. thanks for staying with us for's the 10a.. i'm steve along holly, maureen n and wisdom. however -- >> before we get to what'swh trending, let's bring up to seee
10:01 am
we talking amobout horrific and deadly crash between a schoolbus and a public transit bus in baltimore. >> we have learned new detailsen within the last hour of just hoh this happened and where thosereo killed were sitting. fox5's melanie alnwick is on tht scene for us this morning withhn the very latest. mel? >> reporter: good morning. i think we are happens the mostm shocking thing to come out ofouo the press conference thate tha happened here a few moments ago is we learned that the bus, the schoolbus, which was the s braked. never even triedbr to it all began right here.ere you can see where that gray gy mustang is. is. police say the schoolbus was traveling eastbound here on frederick avenue just a little before 7:00 in the morning.. first struck that gray mustang.g then hit a pillar in front oft o the cemetery. continued down frederick avenuee eastbound until it went intoin oncoming traffic and struck that mta bus..
10:02 am
children on the schoolbus at the time. time there was a driver and an aide e and then on the mta bus 13 people.people. 13 people who were on that busts this morning as policeolice commissioner kevin davis saidiss just trying to make living. >> our thoughts and prayers godr out to the victims, their families, their co-workers.. their loved ones. obviously, folks who were on bub this time of the morning arere working folks. f and they're on their way to m they're their way on on the jobs and they're on that are way to t support their families.r milies so our hearts and prayers go out to them, to their families, to,t their co-workers as well. >> reporter: baltimore policer:i are bringing out emovery resourc here. we can tell you that there'sre's still a collapsed area inside that bus that police and rescueu crews have not been able to get to. to. essentially you can see from the video tu here icat look like tht
10:03 am
there are five fatalities fromso the mta bus. bus there's one fatality from the te schoolbus, that would be thee t schoolbus driver.ri the aide there was an aide one o that schoolbus hopefully that tt aid will be able to give investigators some sort ofrt o account of what happened.appene. why that bus driver never evenee tried to stop. it is possible that there wasthw some kind of a medical emergency. there will of course be a coursea toxicology and results that may help point p police in that direction. direci one other thing we learned.rn that schoolbus was on its way tw pick up a child just four too five blocks from here.m her but never made it. i live in baltimore, melaniean alnwick fox5 local news.ew >> real quick that vehicle v behind you that forward for mustang that has the rear end completely smashed in, was that vehicle moving at the time? waw it occupied? was it parked? ar? where was that vehicle? >> reporter: that vehicle wasas moving. it was occupied. occupie
10:04 am
we do not know the nature ofate that driver's injuries.urs in toll about 10 people were transported to the hospital witt injuries and anywhere from minom to critical.til. >> thanks melanie alnwick livelv in baltimore for us much this ti morning. let's check what else is trending this morning.chec. wis? >> first up for the final timefe president obama and first lady michelle obama welcomed trick oo treaters to the white house.o th yesterday they gave out candyuty and homemade cookies to d.c..c. school students and children off military families about 4,000,0 people enjoyed the event on thee the president even told the kidd they can disregard michelle'she' lessons healthy eating just fort the day.e day the first couple then danced dae along michael jackson thriller r with a group of students andntsd chthis ois out. it could be the costume of the night. a child dressed in a duck costume wrapped up in brand aidd also known as a lame duck.e duc you get it? i [ laughter ] gotot it. >> that's bravery right there.. a label that says that the saysh president will have to adoptwilo next week once the election is over.
10:05 am
>> the shed covered.d cover do we know that's a child.. >> exactly. >> that's hilarious. thas hi >> speaking of the white houseot the president finishes out hisi term as president he's hasn'tini off this twitter account andound millions and millions of followers but not his tweets. white house says when mr. obama leaves office, the at potus account will be taken over by ob the next president.sident now mr. obama's tweets will movv over to a new handle at potus pt 44. similar changes will take placee with his facebook and on who it is that take the whiti house anxious to see if thatt number million goes up or down n once somebody else takes however account. >> why didn't they do that whene they create the case. 44. 44. >> then the next one is 45. or whatever.. >> yeah. why didn't they do that first? it seems a little complicate.omc >> if somebody gets into officeg they probably want to have those 11 million if somebody else gets in -- >> can you imagine if we hade
10:06 am
be whoo. >> people at home are like whata >> what are you talking >> tweet me and fine out at a maureen umeh.. >> yeah. >> please help us. 10:0 sick the time.the time. from halloween to christmashrtm black friday still weeks away a but amazon is getting a head aea start before the busy shoppinghn season offering its first first holiday deals tonight. yup. it is black fridayyu shopping ad run through december 22nd. new deals as often as every five minutes amazon updated itsated i mobile app to make it shoppers and there's new feature for iphone users called packagea x-ray let's you peek inside thet box without opening it. >> what that nervous beginsvo november 15th that's kind ofs cool, right? right? >> i guess but it's kind off cheating.eang. >> it's cheating.>> is ch especially if it's a gift,if right? >> i don't know.on't kno >> keeps you from shaking it.kii >> that's true. t >> and breaking it. breing >> her melodies are often the te perfect comfort for the worse oo the broken hearts.earts. this morning we're sending our n
10:07 am
personal admission aboutissionbt depression. the 28 ye sealsal her struggles with postpartum depression during her darkestket days having her son was the whe quote worst decision of her of h life. she calls the four-year-old thet center of her life.her le. adele on the cover of december'' issue says she avoided taking medication to help her get through.through. she does admit to drinkingriin heavily and relying on other moms for support.uprt while she's doing better now,ow she still needs a lone time once a adele says quote my knowledge oo postpartum is that you don'tou n want to be with your child. chid you're worried you might hurt hr your child. child you're worried you weren't doini a good job. j but i was obsessed with myith i felt very inadequate.. as for more children adele saysy that's likely not in her future. >> okay. >> luckily she recognized thenit issue and she's getting help fof it and speaking out. that helps other moms.oms.
10:08 am
>> um-hmm. >> 10:07. if you've got a dad bod and feee less adequate don't despair. >> wis? >> because researchers say -- s- [ laughter ][ >> a dad bod actually comes witt an edge.e. >> wis. >> study found fathers carryingn a little extra weight haveave better relationship wis theirisr kids and more attractive to memen. research also found evidencence that older slightly chubby menun are less likely to suffer fromfo heart attacks and prostate cancer. if that was gaining a little more around the middle makes dads more likely to invest their time in theirhe children rather than looking foh other women.omen. once they're not interested ind the women, women becomeecome interested in them making themge more attractive.. >> it's a vicious cycle. cle >> it really i [ laughter ]uger ] >> brought to you by theug to slightly over weight men'sght me society of america? >> brought to you by all that aa halloween candy. >> women should like that.uld la [ laughter ] >> i don't know where that stud came from. what if you dowhn't h ave dad bod if you want love and you're a'ra
10:09 am
tower telling qualities.uali i'm not talking make up and two universities conduct add a study women find it irresistibls when a man can tell a good tale. researchers say women find those men more desirable than those who can't tell a good story.ry about communication apparently.y the study shows there's a growing amount of evidence that non-physical characteristics are more important when it comes to finding love. lov ladies you think you need to be good at story telling.ory tellig no forget about it.ut it. you could be the worst storyry teller in the world and guys g will still like you the.the. >> you could be a definite mutee and guys will still like you. >> you don't need big tales. >> what. >> finally it is that time of o year again. for beards today mark the firsty day of m november. no shave november it's a monthoh where men opt to not shave to st raise awareness for men's healtt issues like prostate and techec tis queue lar cancer one localoc police department getting in thn oh action. actio laurel police department raisina money for zero which is national non-profit to end prostatestat cancer last year that departmenr
10:10 am
raising more than $5,000. well done officers. >> all right. >> one of you should grow forldf the month of november.. >> awed goatee.te i think you should go for it.u h >> you saw that video of thatout man walking around like this t catching his his face. not me. >> come on. o >> for good we can have a little --ittle -- >> did you it before. it bere. >> no. >> do it. >> it's not good look.k >> beard cam that kind of trackd the progress. gotten me. >> he'll do it.e'll d. tucker will do anything.. >> like mikey. make up artist to the stars andd when we say stars, we mean the first lady, oprah, they don'tont get any brighter than that, tha, right? well now he's actuallyct dancing with the stars. sta coming up later derek rutledge g will join us live to show offff this moves and while he's heresh he's also going to share the t hottest fall trends. tnd >> first yo beyonce' winning win halloween with her family
10:11 am
on social media and zane openinn up by a secret health battleh bl during his time with one direct. 10:10 is the time.
10:12 am
10:13 am
?? oh, man.
10:14 am
that was used to describe ourib good day halloween showen s yesterday if you missed it you missed doozy. it was on and popping as theng a kids say. michael strahan and kell willani their kelly and michael show.ho this is a show about couples and their break ups as you can see s we were in rare form. holly portraying kelly ripa. wisdom martin doing his bestes michael strahan.trah and who are these? angelina jolie and brad pitt. and allison seymour doing heroih best beyonce' bat and her girls in tow. tow that was hilarious.. >> oh, my gosh.os so that's what it looked like.e >> row row coming in.. >> riri -- how did you know howh to do that. d t [ laughter ] >> i channel it. >> she knows how to do it. i i'm not always buttoned up. >> with drake. there's tucker as brian lochte. >> still no shirt. shirt. >> he needed longer medals.edal >> he said i'll be anything astn long as i can be bare chested.. >> exactly. >> true story.
10:15 am
>> i love this. ts. i didn't recognize kevinin >> kevin never broke character.. o. no. >> the whole time. >> one little laugh in thegh beginning. we figure he'd be the first one to break. he got right back into it.k int. >> sarah fraser.ser. >> sarah as taylor swift.wift >> everybody did great. our glam squad did amazing job making all of us over.r >> tam lee, kym lee. l >> gets better every year. everr >> it's funny you should sayuld that it next year.ea >> we said that last year. yr. exactly right. >> allison breaking it down. dow >> we're trying to figure out iu there's a way you can catch thee show by the way if it's going to reair. we figure that outwell let you y know. for those of you asking what a fun day we h thanks to the audience yens for coming in.ngn. >> everybody came in dressed upe in costumes.tumes. a lot of fun. f >> there's let down today, don't you think. >> aww, man. m. hard when halloween falls on a
10:16 am
be on friday. >> i >> celebrities to talk aboutlk a today.y. >> celebrity dish. >> how about a little beyonce'? >> okay. >> because a lot of people peopl saying she was winning withh halloween costume with the wholw this is the whole ken an barbie. beyonce', jay-z and blue ivylu i were dressed up as you can see s ken and barbie and blue ivy wasy in barbie inspire fashion.hi. >> barbie inspired fas >> the queen wore black andnd white bodysuits sporting ain ponytail and black barbie box.. >> vintage barbie.arbi like the '50's.'s >> blue ivy had the black bck leather jacket on and the the stockings and the pink shirtk si with the barbie on the back.ack. jay-z had on that classic tucks with silver tie. he has the black box and it sayy 40th anniversary ken. annivsary >> he looks like hakeem fromro coming to >> he does.e d that's what he looks like. >> juices and berries.erries. >> he's the replica of ken whenw
10:17 am
ken see black collector barbie. >> okay. >> they were dressed upressed including and justin timberlake and his little do these celebs actually goally places when they dress up? that's a great question.ue dress up and take the picturesie and put them online. >> i think they go to parties.s i think george clooney had halloween party.een party i wasn't invited but i think ihk heard that.d that. >> you know who else had an had amazing halloween - >> she has a halloween bash isai heidi klum.. okakay. >> so who better for her to bee than all of her friends also be rer. >> that's great. t >> like the heidi klum clones. e look at this.. >> i love it. i >> there's six of >> great idea,'s too. >> owe all models. all made up the same. >> dare we call that a sextuplet. >> aww. >> i think it is. it is >> a sexy tup let. l >> four of these i think thoseho
10:18 am
>> maureen -- -- >> no four of them i think are actually quintuplets if you look heir faces.ces. >> that's amazing.. >> okay.kay. heidi winning.inng >> viewer asked to be a heididi klum look alike that's prettytt good compliment.t. you got to have goods going in i in order to pull that off. off >> how about little tay tay. >> that's right. she didn't want to hear that. t. guess what she dressed up theree dead pool.l >> squad goals. >> that's her crew. they dressed up as the>> s tuphr hero you may recall. now, according to this tweet,hit that is actually dead pool's costume that i was reading.eadig >> how did they get those, wis.s >> because she's friends withdst ryan reynolds and the girlfriend. what's the girlfriend's name. >> that's his girlfif >> blake lively. blake l >> they're friends.>> t >> she actuallhey ty'hanked ryao supplying her with all theg he goods. >> on twitter.>> on twitte >> oh, ryan.>> ryan. >> she was actual tal party. >> ryan, run. >> next thing you know -- kw >> if you were a celebrityty you're on taylor swift level and
10:19 am
knows who you are, where would d you go. >> where would you go.. >> where you know know nobodyoub will recognize because you haveh the full mask. >> i would go out to eato eat somewhere. i don't know where. >> go shopping. >>.out baci kdon' [ laughter ] >> that's too high end.nd i'm not going to out back.ack. >> drive through. >> maybe the drive through. i'll just walk around the d. >> chick-fil-a.hiil-a >> of course it wouldn't beuldnb complete if there wasn't at if h least one celebrity that had too apologize for the costume.. that they put together. t sorry because she and her boyfriend? >> yes. boyfriend went as a a pilgrim and an indian and so so people thought that it wast w racially incentive for them to m do so. and so she apologized and saidai that it just wasn't well thoughg through. i will say this. i know this is a big issue right now currently, but in years past there have been people and ie ad even know we did it at school growing up at thanksgiving timee
10:20 am
an indian to learn aboutearn a >> you also played cops ando ayd robbers and all of that otherl a stuff. >> you probably don't do thatbal now either.y don'w that's true.ei's t you're right. >> this is a casere r like i wou dare say maybe 10 years ago you can do this.hi >> yeah.h. >> people would have likeik friends giving where you could y come, you know, as dinner andnea dress as either. either. t do ido it. i guess what we're saying. >> wouldn't some people in their costumes if anything your mind says this may be somewhat offensive don't do it or ask a friend offensive.fe >> that's true. >> t>> really when you think abt halloween costumes i mean when i you dress up as someone you'reeu kind of making fun of them whenh you do it.. >> absolutely. >> if everyone halloween costumu offensive. >> i'm expecting a call from a r rihanna any minute saying don'tn yoer.ver. >> michael strahan already called me. i ain't going to tell you what a he called me for. f we'll discuss that another timet >> not much because you're stile here. >> well for right now.. >> oh, snap.
10:21 am
we missed her. her. apparently she's back on sociall media.dia. remember after the incident where she was robbe adfter she e disappeared from social mediaed for while.le. apparently she's back on social mode ya this is a post fromis io yesterday where she promoting loom me phone all right.l so there she is looking all fabf with the phone case. >> she makes money. shots why she got back on. >> yeah. yeah. >> sponsors are like you bettere get back on.ackn. >> she's paid. there you go. kim k. kim k. >> this is something t zane malik actually talkingg about we all know he's talks about how he dealt with lot of o anxiety especially when he wascy part of one direction but alsous apparently during that time he e had an eating disorder.or when i was reading about it it'i not necessarily an eating disorder where he looked atd a himself in the mirror and had body more fee ya. he was so busy and did have time to eat and didn't become aecomea priority to him and so he just j kept going and his work was more important, and so now he realizes that's not a good wayaw
10:22 am
>> okay.ka all right. i didn't -- well, i would thinki when you got so hungry you justt eat. >> you can get passed th hunger. >> i can. >> sometimes i'm so hungry and then i i just 'm-- whatever oy g too busy and then i'm not hungrr any more and you move on to thee neck thing. t sometimes i'm so tired, thatha it's more important to sleep s than it is to eat.than it is to >> in the martin household whene i get to that point i'm just i's saying my wife, get him a piecee of bread or something. >> get him a snickers.nickers. >> he's hasn't agree. h right now i'm se'os tired frome halloween party yesterday. eventually i'm going eat.ngat >> we got nothing for you. >> i we better end this segment. i'll wake her up.. >> comedian timly hall is here e and using his funny lines for a good cause. >> awesome. later, speaking of eatingin wisdom, eating like a wizard. wis, maybe you can head on downn to verizon center right nowow because erin and tucker hangingi out with the shards chef this morning. we'll check in with them live aa washington gets ready for the ge homead opener.
10:23 am
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?? >> cleveland rocks. >> whatever. w feelings baseball fans arel fanr feeling before the big game wheh the indians take on the cubsub game time just aft 8:00 o'clockk indians have a chance to clinch the world series or chicago could force game seven which w would be phenomenal. if the indians win tonight their first world series championshipi
10:26 am
put an end to the drought.roht >> i think they respect firpe f fans. they care about their fans and a we're out here just rooting thee on and hoping they can do it.ano >> all right. you can watch the game on fox5lo tonight first pitch again 8:08.0 i'm telling you -- -- >> what are you telling.t aru te >> bring it.>> >> can i be completely honest? >> as all know i'm a band wagonn fan. fan. >> i kind of don't feel like itf will happen.eel i hate to put that ouwit there.e >> because you don't feel well l today. >> it might be. it might be but i just -- >> no pressure on the south t s side. si i just don't know the cubsubs can -- the way they've played pe from the bits i've seen of theif series i don't think they'll gol into chief land and >> little reverse. >> psychologist maybe. >> maybe it will work. do you think it's goingaybe wor? >> well, come on, cubbies.bies. >> have to win two to clevelande >> it will be hard.>> we did find it murphy connectit from murphy the billy goat. g you found it. i i didn't even mean to find it. please tell him our murphy
10:27 am
explain the whole >> 30 seconds. s were ins were incub the world series in the '40s there was this fan who used to t come to the game and brought a billy goat his name was murphy h they kicked them out. out. he goes back to a bar across the street occurs the chicago cubsub because they kicked him out.ut >> here to four they've nevery'r won since then.sie th >> there's always -- every timey the cubs have lost and stoppedto from getting to the championship there's been a murphy section.en >> this time the murphyme t mur connection is --s >> lindsay murphy work here is married to brandond guyer who plays for of the cleveland indians much that'sh a all i'm saying.ali'm sa >> there you go. the you >> lindsay, i used to love you.u >> if the indians win and brandon gets a ring, murph is thank the curse for making theme >> it would be really cool to know someone married to baseball player who won world series. sie >> lindsay is my girl. gl. so you know.w. we had dance off.ff. that's how we break it down. d >> i think we need to have -- we
10:28 am
>> i know. know >> i'm not going to say it out o allow. >> you act like it's a for gonen conclusion. >> i would love there to be athb game seven. sev good game seven, ninth inning. i >> that's how it should be. say two hail maries for you. >> meantime 10:28.0: we've got dancing with derek. coming up next celebrity make up artist derek rutledge will joinl us live and share his favorite r fall trends make up wise firstfs then little later he'll show of his dance moves and tell us whyy d's doing it. right now it is 10:28.
10:29 am
10:30 am
?? know you can craft an investment plan as strong as your values. ?? know that together, you can establish a meaningful legacy with the guidance and support
10:31 am
?? second time during this hour we've been able to use that last two hours i should say. suy ladies, now that fall is in full swing it is time to switch up sh not only your wardrobe but alsoa a makeup and today we have the perfect person to help to get you on trend much he's celebritl make up artist w faces of michelle obama, oprah, patti labelle, chaka kahn to maim a few. he's here to give us tips to help us quote fall into style ae always it is great to see you derrick rutledge.le >> i love the way you all welcome me here. here. thank you very much.ank >> you are always welcome in the loft.lwayhe >> i appreciate that. >> is you ke uyou make us more beautiful when we leave.whene le right. >> no problem. no problem. >> here we go. >> let's talk about the fall ana what's hot this fall and the ant looks we're going for.or
10:32 am
nice defined brow nothing newot just right now because lips area stronger we're going into the it fall we want a very definedefin strong brow and then we also going with nicely defined eyeefd lashes that actually wispy lashh that is actually get moretor emphasis to the bottom of the t face, bottom of the eye. >> does chef lashes, fake lash f on the bottom as well as theelat top. >> no. what we did we made sure we real that great. that great. darn her. >> her lashes are really thateal nice. what's happening, grit your,t teeth for me. you have that problem.. >> you don't want lipstick on lt your teeth. what you have here you haveu ha lashes that actually have more r spike because the spikey lash at the bottom are very much in. >> i >> then we always dewey skins dn very much in.h i make it look fresh and innocentn by putting a little bit of high
10:33 am
that's too different things.hing >> if you want to do shiny,ny, shiny is kept for evening butveb when you going to the office thf during the day it's best to keep it more dewey and more sheer. s. isn't real quick particularly wp go on to the next model.odel i do notice that her lip matcheh the pink in her wrap there. >> yes. lips are really defined andre re really bold for the fall. f we're talking about mat lipsut l much we're talking about silk lips, satin lips, metal lipsetal very dark define for the fall. i picked up the color in herner outfit to go with her lips. her >> it can be a little mat chi mat chi. >> can you do a swing for us ans show that outfit off.. >> yes. >> look at her. >> she's not hard to look at, is she. she. >> let's go on to our ne model. >> next model is courtney. okay.ay maya take a step to the side fod me over there we'll bringring courtney in.ey i courtney, what we did withid wit
10:34 am
very bold rich ruby lip.ip that's what's real until trend t for fall and we kept it creamyca but yet matza that you canhat actually see that it picks up oo the outfit here. but them also want to let you know that that color is very vey bold and rich for the fall. fl >> i also noticed with both of f these ladies that you had some really good contouring going on. >> >> cheek bones look awesome. >> i'm very much intoin contouring. i actually like contouring with creams as you are building thele face what it does it makes putting it on afterwards.fter there's a process, you know, kno that i teach when i'm doing makk up and it's all about perfectinn your presence so that you can actually feel good aboutbo yourself as you go out and meete the world.orld. >> all right. comes backes derrick he'll teach us that.t >> next time.e >> let's see our neck model. >> next model is sherri. and this is the what i've done here is greens are reallyll
10:35 am
i wanted to show a very definedn brow like i was saying, contour very rich contour if you canur turn a little bit to the side se you can see s the cheek bone and defined along the jawbone and then i really wanted to see you that very rich plum, dark purpll lip that's really hot for the fall. fa >> it is gorgeous.>> i gorge look at her blowing the kisses.i i wanted you to real see that. i pick up the green in her outfit to put in her shadow. ht right. >> i wanted to you see that the greens, you know, are reallyy popular. >> okay. here's my question. qst way back when i thought theyughe used to say bone match your eye shadow to your clothe.our clo wear the eye shadow best forgeee your eyes. >> true. but i do think totall different. >> he's a professional. >> it's not he's a mat chi mati thing i needed some way of tyiny in this green.inhis >> right. >> i wanted to do it by addingg shadow in there.he because the lips can be b overbearing so to soften the lil
10:36 am
with an eye. with an ey >> it's gorgeous.>> i >> we have one more model.e mel >> we have another model here.e my other model is connie.on i wanted to you see that make ue trends that are for the fall can also wear well for someone thato is more mature, and what i wanted to do is show connie inin this real rich wine color hereoh that is really popular for the e fall and then pick up a lip that actually looks good with thish i outfit. but also let you know that evene though you are wearing a darkerd out with a very nice softice neutral eye.ral eye and what i did was i actually,c, um, the problem i have with a wt lot of women eve scene that tryt to go with the dark lips they gg too dark.k. they try to go too dark and too brown this lip works perfect per with her because it picks up ono her silver hair and work wellork with her outfit. >> i also love the fact a lot of times you'll see a lot ofs you' articles when it talks aboutbo more mature women you shouldho wear less make up and this is at the way -- you've done it rightt
10:37 am
you have to know how to do it. t you have to know how to do it ii order to make sure it works witw the person that actually --uall because every face, the trends t don't work with everyone.. >> right.>> rht >> you have to take what you can from the trends and make themake work with the person.. >> okay.>> oka i think this skirt would work o me and that skirt would work ono me. me. if i was just looking thank youk as always wonderful tips.ul t you guys are all one more more gorgeous than the next.ex derek is not going anywhere. awh this man can cut a rug. r >> i'll do my best to make sure do. >> he's doing it for good cause before the end of the show we'll tell was that's all about.. back on over to ya'll. ll >> more good day ahead. more comedy for a cause coming upom radio dj timmeney hall joining us live with details on very onv special event that showsha s laughter really can be the bestt medicine. laughter really can be the bestt medicine. we're back with him after this.. at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach.
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only from fios. at ikea, we believe that everything you need should be within reach. in an affordable dream kitchen that works as hard as you do. get 15% back at the ikea kitchen event. ?? of breast cancer, lung and skinn cancer sever herd of czar comb b in a cancer? if not you are not alone.alon it is a rare type of soft tissui cancer. one much our next guestsues recently battled the disease ana throwing a fundraiser comedy ced event to raise awareness about a it it it features all star linen up including little mo, comedian desean taylor and more and theae woman behind the event andntnd sarcoma cancer survivor alicia i arthur joins us live with a verr special comedian timmy .
10:41 am
>> thank you so. >> alicia, we're so glad you'ree here. you're doing better.oing three week out of radiation.f ro isn't yes. isn' >> how are you feeling? >> um, i'm getting there.ettinge yeaeah. >> slowly.>> >> it's tough. it' >> it's tough. >> you're strong and we know weo you'll pull through and we'rend' all pulling for you as well. wel >> thank you. >> sarcoma is not somethingometg people hear about, know about. . what is it you how did you findd out this was the cancer that yoy would be >> sarcoma is a soft tissuess cancer that i have.av it's also in bone. bone and i have it on my bikini linel lvicic area. i found out about it back in january, um, i thought i had a a hair bump that would not go away. ng bump that keptep growing and -- >> painful. pnful >> it was a little pin full. ful it was just nagging you know an i wanted to get bi coney wax ana i couldn't get one done.on so i went to see my gynecologist.
10:42 am
obviously changed my life. >> how prevalent is this cancere because you're talking aboutng t something that i think everyve person who's gotten some sort oo wax or hair bump are or a o something and you take the forhr granted it will go away, right.. >>ightht. how prevalent is this cancer? >> it's very very rare. rar very rare. rar and not common at all.tll and in fact my doctors told med had i not found it myself itt probably would have grown and gn could have attacked some of my major organs. >> so now you're trying tong t spreadhe putting on hoping this comedysed show will bring awardness to ito and this interview had do the te same. sa tell us about what your endeavoa is going forward with what your project have right now.ect ha >> so the goal is to raise the awareness about sarcoma. rise against cancer is what we're doing here is looking at a not only sarcoma but when i wenn to the hospital, and my doctorso office my family and friends fen were like what is sarcoma.
10:43 am
i want to raise awareness thisss event will not only talk about sarcoma and different cancersane but will do it in a platformlatf where we'll create pamphlets. we'll have literature,at information at the hospital, att the clinics, and resources thatt will be available for everyonery to he >> help remove that stigmagm unfortunately cancer is still stigmatized by so many people.p. hopefully help remove to stigma. timmy i want to bring this intoo this. yo this worthwhile cause. why was this important for to f you art avenue.e cancer affects.ffects my father passed away fromm cancer in 2002. 2 it was pa no brainer. >> you guys have been spreadingg the rere. what are you hoping folk get out of this? i know that alicialia told us what she hopes happens.e what are you hoping happens when people learn about sarcomama through comedy if you will? >> awareness gone get tested.t t i mean, you know, don't takee everything for granted it was fr
10:44 am
you know, doesn't look right, go to the doctor's.tos. we don't go. g a lot of just don't go.of jusdoo we just take it. for granted. gt >> it's true.true alicia, i'm looking at you. you black woman, you know, somethini that's more black women more sit stibble to or everyone, all age groups.oups. >> ironically they say itay i happens in >> goodness. >> and young adults in the limbs not so much in the pelvic area.. >> right.>> >> so it's very rare. so but iti want to encourage everye to look for lump any their body. body. we just finish breast cancer cae awareness month. but we done very well withl wit focusing on the breast butut anywhere on your body if there's lump please seek medical mic attention and get a professionao opinion on it.nt. >> rise against cancer one of the events and can people stilli get tickets yes. yes >> yes. they can go to rise against and log online. >> it's november 5th on5t on saturday there at 7:00 p.m. and we said all star line up. u little mo coming to the showhe o
10:45 am
is she telling jokes orokes o performing.rf >> she's going to come and talka >> you never know with lil mo. >> she's oh talented.alente kevin lee will be >> wow. w. >> my doctor, dr. will be theree from the maryland proton proton treatment center.eatm i want to give a big shout outho to them as well.ell >> people think cancer this iscs such a downer. downer. we want to come out and laugh lu and also learning something. isn't yes.. >> let's not put this cloud onld it. it my goodness let's talk aboutalkt death and cancer.ath d ca this is about living and and fighting and finding a cure. ce. >> y to acknowledge other cancer survivors and talk about cancere and really bring it to the forefront through laughter.ghte >> you're doing phenomenal job.. we're so glad that you are doind better. >> thank you. g hin're praying for you hopin that cancer be gone.e that's what we're praying for. f >> thank you g timmy thank you u so much for lending your voice.e when can people hear from you next? i'll will be b november 12th i'll will be b fred mick maryland.yland. i'll make sure you'll see me or go to facebook..
10:46 am
>> always.>> alway listen to mirror day on magic 102.33 to seven with donny donny simpson.. >> rise against cancer, thankrha you very much.uch. >> thank you everyone and to t power our pons source.ource. >> getting shout's and twitter. shout out for timmy.or tim great to see that dude in theint loft for great cause and a fundraiser comedy show risewis against cancer.ait ca there you go getting love onlino this morning already.lrea >> let's see. good day d.c. missed the besthe part of the carter familyamil halloween look.o natives cerrone in a acres. acrs i didn't see that in our articlc we read about beyonce'.. >> maybe serena acres needs todo come on the show and talk abouto it. it. >> when that couple will beuplee around next time so we can allaa hang out together. >> mo, gets your cubs gear. gea game up much at least you havesy the colors on. good thing empire is back. >> i noticed that, steve. >> empire game seven tomorrow i don't know how that will workllw but, we'll cross that bridge when we get there. >>
10:47 am
mccarthy as michael phelps fab great show. oh mfay halloween in case wee w didn't pick up on the we love linda. >> we got so many tweets and facebook comments from thero t halloween show.halln show. thanks for everybody for being b good sports about it.t. hopefully ya'll were w entertained. >> let's hope so. >> at the very least went >>ta ourselves. >> we had fun. 10:47.>> coming up next eating like a lie wizard tucker and erin they'llyl join us live with what it's like to fuel an nba >> that right there looks good.g >> looks really good.
10:48 am
10:49 am
10:50 am
?? there's nothing like home wizards will turn it around in time for the home openernoll thr tomorrow nightly one day away.aa the team getting ready for theor verizon center debut 2016 styles and this morning we'll find out how they stay fueled for the syu season. take look inside the player's p' lounge from their personal chef. >> nice. >> how fancy, right.>>ancy, t. >> exactly. exaly >> we accept our fancy couple erin and tucker down to join usn from the verizon center for a
10:51 am
>> good morning. morng. >> can i just say i may haveay v found my home away from home fre already.alre >> right. >> all right. here. htroduce our chef >> this is al.s al. give us your full name and title. >> my al, the executive sue ches with super foods catering andnd also the private chef of thehe washington coy wizards. wiz >> you are cooking it up for the players and the feet up in hereh tell me what the popular items are. >> only let's and waffles one on the two most popular ite no one person has the same omelette.omel every day probably switch itwiti something around.someth right now actually make myake friend tucker omelette. >> he's like an athlete. >> we have forever eggs.revergg. nice little cheddar cheese andd smoke gouda mixture. mixtu some ham, peppers and scallionso inside. i'll flip this bad boy. boy >> flip it while we're talking.g >> set the stage for us a littlt bit. you get here every morningry m before the players get here andd
10:52 am
>> yes. i probably get here around aun 7:00 o'clock. o'clo depending on practice time. i start service around nine or r 10:00 o'clock. from there i go until 11:00 or o 12:00 o'clock depending on their practice, and then after that,er we actually put up a lunch for them. >> do the players have special s requests? do you just kind ofnd make sure they get everything eh they need in the form of vitamins and that kind of thingi >> yeah, i mean little bit ofeae both. little bit of both.litt bit they have special guests and we backgrounds so we might have like marsh loves croissants why nothn bring croissants for marsh. he lovesfor m it. we have bradley biehl.. bradley biehl likes his waffles. so why not grill waffle for him. so, um, you know, with that weha just make sure that on nutritional end we try to skimo within the rams. r sometimes we might use glutenn free flour sometimes we put flax seedsx eds inside of a chia seeds inside of
10:53 am
player. >> how many calories does a player consume today? twice as much as the average many psuerd right?righ >> absolutely. i mean average person supposed o to intake about 2,000 calories a day.da we're talking about athletele easily as 35 to 4,000 calories.. >> that's a lot of calories.. >> that's probably any an understatement.understatement. >> an omelette that you mightel make for me thatet has ttewo ort three eggs you might have eightg or 10 for player. player. >> eight or 10 easily. >> wow! >> and just for breakfast. jfor >> just for breakfast. jbr that's just the eggs.atust we still have our players thatls will grab their fruit. still grab maybe a muffin. >> smooth these you make greate smooth niece in here.ce in >> smooth niece as well. yogurt. that's just the eggs isn'tgs i that's incredible.ree >> these guys on average for avf lunge we do a pound of protein e per player. >> you want to scale it back bua have the same nutrients of tents if you're doing to hit the iit e didn't mean of gym before youre 9:00 to 5:00 maybe.mae. >> exactly.>> exactly. >> for those of you who aren'trt super athletes erin i'm lookingi at you, because i am one,. o >> that's lie.lie.
10:54 am
>> um, yes. u let's move over >> come on over. >> let's get over here. >> so here -- yeah. >> we have like waffles we'llffl bridge to bradley biehl.lebiehl. talking about energy.rgy we have the flaxseed, great fatt in inside. great flax promote great -- gre- performance film performance and then great energy for you. >> that's why we always lookingy put sugar and things like thate for athletes, you know, they'ree going to burn it down. d that bread, that cashes, thoseho sugars are still great energyate for athletes.for ates >> speaking of great energy youy got great energy.trg >> we love it.>> wlove >> take peek at your life. this fantastic down here in the player's lounge.ayer's l hey, guys -- i got my omeletteyl right here.rit he >> i'll eat my wizards home opener tomorrowne night. you going to cook up somethingog special for the big opener o tomorrow night.
10:55 am
lunge coming for them as well. w >> i'm available. avail i'll give you my phone number.ue >> let's do this up.p >> we're going to enjoy the the music and great vibe and thend e players and great breakfast.refa thank you very much for feedinge us. we love it in here and love your energy. thank you so much. come on over herthe.overer say bye to everyone.on >> thank you everyone.nk ye. >> see you after the game y aft tomorrow.tomorr >> bradley biehl too busyusy eating. >> can we say hi.>> c we >> you don't sit next to bradlea biehl and share food right nowdr i'll be so disappointed.te >> i'm going to go on over. on o does bradley is looking. loo looks lonely.s lonely. >> there you go. >> don't come over here.e. >> bradley is lick don't come over here with that. >> don't eat eat off his platefp in i got omelette with spinachch and mushrooms.usooms >> thank you guys.>> thank you >> see ya. >> bradley biehl sitting rightng that people.. >> you're going to be listen it's time to put yourou dancing shoes on because derrick
10:56 am
this saturday he's going to bedg taking part in very special fundraising event it's calledev' the dc's dancing stars galas gal local celebrities partneringtnen with professional dancers.ancers they're competing for the mirror ball trophy $10,000 fort charity of their choice. derrick back in the loft withof his dancing partner. give us a quick preview thehe charity you're dancing for.. >> leukemia, four differentnt charities we're all dancing for. >> you better cut a rug. a right now. right take it awayno.away. derrick rutledge.ledg
10:57 am
?? ?? yay! it. [ laughter ] thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices.
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live from new york city. it's the "wendy williams show"! it's going to be juicy. [ cheers and applause ] >> [ cheers and applause ] ?? ?? >> wendy: yes. hello. thank you for watching my show! [ cheers and applause ]


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